Cancellation Policy

Brown Veterinary Housecalls

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Cancellation Policy 


Cancellation policies for all three branches of practice

Brown Veterinary Housecalls ~ Soul Puppy Holistic Healing ~ Equine Acupuncture-TCVM

Dr. Brown is limited in the number of patients she can see daily due to the nature of scheduling a mobile-housecall-specialty practice which travels to different cities around the valley by appointment only. Last minute cancellations are extremely difficult to fill due to logistics, decrease patient care accessibility for others and create open spaces in the schedule that generate out of pocket cost for Dr. Brown in the form of travel assistant fees. Thank you for your understanding

Excessive cancellations will result in deposits being required prior to scheduling 


Please provide greater than 48 hour notice to avoid cancellation fees

48 Hour notice

 Cancellation fee: $25 

24 Hour notice 

 Cancellation fee: $50 

12 Hour notice or less

 Cancellation fee: $100

Prepaid Acupuncture Packages

 Automatically forfeit a treatment visit

No show/not home

 Cancellation fee: $200 and up based on location

 Any additional prepaid fees such as urgent care, after hours or additional/extended travel will be forfeited


Cancellation Fee Payment is expected at time of cancellation notice

Please utilize the following payment methods below to automatically pay cancellation fee(s)

 Zelle via cell 480-494-6034 or email 

 Venmo @cmbrowndvm or @brownvethousecalls

  Paypal direct to