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Housecall Concierge Services 


What is Concierge Veterinary Medicine? 

  • Concierge Veterinary Medicine has become a buzz phrase with varying interpretations 
  • In human medicine concierge medicine may also be referred to as "retainer based" or "boutique medicine" and typically involves a monthly or annual fee for which includes varying levels of doctor-patient services and direct doctor access for patient communication and support within outlined boundaries 

What is the difference between Concierge Packages Vs other Veterinary Packages (Wellness, Puppy/Kitten, Senior) ? 

  • Concierge packages
  • Other Packages (wellness, puppy/kitten, senior) 

Are new clients eligible for concierge services? 

  • Active/established clients of 3 to 6 months duration with active patients are eligible to apply for concierge service options pending wait list and availability 

Concierge Services

Concierge Package Options &  Fees

Detailed package information and fees available by request for active patients only 

  • Top Dawg® or Primo Gatto® Level One
  • Top Dawg® or Primo Gatto® Level Two
  • VIPet Custom Concierge Package ®
  • AcuPet Concierge Package ® 
  • Club Soul Puppy®
  • TeLeVET Time (email with phone option-no text) Package® 
  • Total TeLeVET Time (email, phone or text) Package® 
  • TeLeVET Time Text Package only®
  • Hope Hospice Level One ®
  • Hope Hospice Level Two®

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