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Concierge Veterinary Services

What is Concierge Medicine? 

  • Generally speaking concierge medicine is an umbrella term used to describe a relationship between a patient and a physician in which the patient prepays  for the convenience of appointment and physician availability
  • Human concierge medicine may also be referred to as "retainer based" or "boutique medicine". It involves a monthly or annual fee for which includes varying levels of doctor-patient services and direct doctor access for patient communication and support within outlined boundaries 

What is Veterinary Concierge Medicine? 

  • Concierge Veterinary Medicine is an adaptation of the human model of concierge medicine for pets
    • Varying levels of interpretations and/or misinterpretations exist as it has quickly become a buzz word in the within the profession
  • Dr. Brown has developed several concierge package options that offer priority scheduling, direct doctor communication accessibility with additional service options for advanced packages 

What is the difference between Veterinary Concierge Packages Vs other Veterinary Packages (Wellness, Puppy/Kitten, Senior) ? 

  • Veterinary Concierge Packages
    • Retainer based with annual or monthly fees
    • Priority scheduling, advanced levels of direct doctor communication accessibility and varying levels of doctor/patient services
    • Allows doctor to see less patients and offer more focused time for individualized patient care and owner support
    • Builds a strong & rewarding veterinarian-pet patient-pet owner relationship
  • Other Packages (wellness, puppy/kitten, senior) 
    • Historically offered at brick and mortar clinics in bundled packages for increased compliance and preventive patient care. Typically is not retainer based and does not include priority scheduling, advanced direct doctor communication access or in home care

Are new clients eligible for concierge services? 

  • Active/established clients of minimum 3 to 6 months duration with active patients are eligible to apply for concierge service option consideration pending wait list, location and availability 

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