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Commonly Used Blood Screening


All lab samples are sent to Idexx Laboratories with a turn around time of 1-4 business days depending on the test submitted.


Note: A $20 Venipuncture and Biohazard Disposal Fee applicable per patient

Lab prices subject to change without notice


Preansethetic Bloodwork

Required before all anesthetic procedures such as routine soft tissue surgery (spays/neuters) and dentals. The profile chosen depends on age and medical history of patient.


Drug Monitoring Bloodwork

NSAID Panel (CBC, Chem 11, UA) 

Phenobarbital only 

Phenobarbital Monitoring Profile (CBC, Live Panel, Bile Acids, Phenobarbital) 

Phenobarbital and Bromide 


Adult Wellness Bloodwork

Total Health Plus (CBC, Chem 27, T4) 


Senior Wellness Bloodwork

Senior Profile (CBC, Chem 27, T4, UA) 


Vaccine Titers

Valley Fever and Tick Fever Bloodwork

Cocci and Ehrlichia Canis Profile (CBC, Chem27, T4, Cocci titer, E canis) 


Additional Blood tests



Prices subject to change without notice. This is not a complete list of tests available. 



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