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  • Thank you for your form submission. A confirmation will post immediately when completed. All required fields must be filled for form to process which will be emailed directly to Dr. Brown. 
  • This form is used for scheduling HOUSECALLS, BARN-CALLS (Equine Acupuncture) or Dr. Browns TCVM-only holistic practice located in downtown Mesa called SOUL PUPPY HOLISTIC HEALING ( 

  • Please note that submitting this form does not guarantee an appointment. Due to the nature of a housecall, appointments are scheduled upon review of new client/patient form, vaccine history and medical records for safety purposes. Aggressive patients or patients in need of sedation for exams will not be accepted. 

  • Please note this is not an emergency, on call or concierge service. Patients are seen by scheduled appointments only. If you have an EMERGENCY, please contact the nearest emergency clinic in your area, or call VCA Animal Referral and Emergency Center at 480-898-0001. Examples of emergencies may consist of, but are not limited to, labored breathing, bleeding, active seizure, broken limbs, hit by car, dog fight/open wounds, etc. 

~Thank you, Dr. Brown 

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Soul Puppy Holistic Healing Room located in downtown Mesa (TCVM only)

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Nature of Service
Nature of Service
Patients are seen by appointment only, subject to availability. Brown Veterinary Housecalls is not an emergency, on-call or concierge service. Due to the nature of this service and territory covered, it is recommended that all pet owners be familiar with local vets and emergency clinics in their area should the need arise.
Payment is due at time of services rendered by cash or credit card.
Aggressive Pet Policy
Aggressive Pet Policy
Safety is important to Dr. Brown. Therefore she reserves the right to decline a physical exam if a pet displays aggressive behavior, such as growling, snarling, or attempting to bite. If the pet is deemed to be aggressive by the veterinarian, the client agrees to pay in full, the house call and travel fee and a veterinarian consultation fee. By clicking "I Agree" in the section below, you are stating you agree to these terms.
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