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Dr. Brown understands that choosing a veterinarian is an important process and that deciding to incorporate unfamiliar holistic modalities into a pets treatment plan may bring up questions. Dr. Brown has created three very extensive websites to help address such topics as it is not possible for her to personally respond to general inquiry questions nor is staff able to offer medical advice

IMPORTANT NOTE: This request form is for general information only, is not a veterinary consult or telemedicine service, does not include medical advise or pet specific medical questions and does not create in any way an active client/patient/doctor relationship. Dr. Brown and all state licensed veterinarians are not able to offer medical advice or prescribe medication or Chinese herbs without an active client/patient/doctor relationship by law i.e. official appointment for an in-person exam and consult to establish an active client/patient/doctor relationship. 

This complimentary and/or paid* service has been created specifically to acknowledge and accommodate the phone and email requests Dr. Brown receives for "pre-appointment interviews" or "chats to see if a good fit" from pet owners that wish to have direct correspondence with Dr. Brown or remote staff prior to scheduling an official appointment for an in person exam and consult. A portion of the fee for these requests will be donated to  NOTONEMOREVET an organization that assists veterinary professionals in dealing with burn out, compassion fatigue and suicide risk due to the demands of the profession.


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Please tell us which of Dr. Browns websites you were reviewing (required) (main site-housecalls) (TCVM office in downtown Mesa) (mobile equine TCVM services)

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Complimentary Email response from Gabby
Prepaid Chat with technician Jim or Deb for $44/15min during regular business hours within 1 to 3 business days
Email response from Dr. Brown within 1 to 3 business days during regular business hours $88 for 15 min
Phone response with Dr. Brown within 1 to 3 business days during regular business hours $111 for 15 min

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By checking this box I understand that this service is for general information only. I understand this is not a veterinary medical consult or telemedicine consult and that medical advice will not be obtained by law
By checking this box I understand that this service does not establish an active client/patient/doctor relationship and that an actual in person physical exam appointment with my pet is required to do so by law
I understand by checking this box that if not requesting a complimentary email that this is a prepaid nonrefundable fee for a one time correspondence service for general information and that general information can be found on this site at no cost
I understand by checking this box that this fee will not count toward any other services, is not the same as an appointment deposit and that this correspondence service and fee will not guarantee a future appointment with Dr. Brown
By checking this box I agree to prepay for this correspondence service via zelle, venmo or paypal. I understand that due to the number of requests received daily that Dr. Brown will not be able to respond to my request until payment is received.
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Zelle-send to 480-494-6034 or
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Venmo-send to cmbrowndvm

A portion of this fee will go to NOTONEMOREVET: an organization that helps veterinary professionals cope with the demands of the profession in dealing with compassion fatigue and suicide risk.

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