Western Veterinary Medicine Housecall Fees

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    Housecall Services- Western Veterinary Medicine Fees*

Western Veterinary Medicine is also referred to as Conventional or Allopathic.

This is the type of medicine one is familiar with at most full service veterinary clinics. It focuses on the treatment of symptoms and diagnosis of disease. This appointment type does not include acupuncture or TCVM. 


Wellness & Prevention, Sick or Injured, Nonemergency Health Concerns

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam for one pet per visit
  • Medical History Review 
  • Discussion of Western Medicine Recommendations and Treatment Plan  
  • Includes up to 1 Hour of Total In Person Doctor-Appointment Time 
  • TeleVet Time (one included) 
  • Cost: $185

ADDITIONAL FEES APPLY for added services such as Vaccines, Bloodwork/Labwork, Subcutaneous Fluid Administration, Nail trim, Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Expression, Medications/Supplements, etc.  Learn more  

Important Note: This is a Western Medicine Appointment Only. Please click for Integrative and TCVM appointment options for Acupuncture & Chinese Veterinary Medicine

 Multipet Discount-Western/Allopathic Housecall: $148 per additional pet on same day in same household (includes up to 40 min additional total doctor/appointment time) 

 Extended Appointment Time In Homebilled at $45 per 15 min increments after initial one hour appointment time 

Remote Time Outside of Home: billed at hourly rate of $15/5min (authorizing prescriptions and refills to outside pharmacies, creating custom documents at owner request, etc). Note: this is not the same as TeleVET Time. 

  TeleVET Time with Dr. B!


  • Available within 2 to 4 weeks of initial appointment for same condition monitoring
  • Starts at $135 for 30 minute recheck. Additional time billed same as above. 


Additional/Extended Travel Fees

  • May apply based on individual location and travel time
  • Base housecall travel fee covers up to 15 miles from hub (85205 zip code)
  • Travel Area

Same Day-Urgent care

  • Starts at $75 and up based on location and availability

After Hours

Starts at $175 and up based on location and availability

Lab/Medication Pick up/Drop off

  • Starts at $44 and up based on location and availability

Technician appointment

  • Starts at $88 and up based on location and availability 

Delivery/Shipping of private cremations

  • Complimentary delivery if location allows
  • Starts at $44 and up based on location and availability 

**Note: prices subject to change without notice