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The Four Main Pillars of TCVM include Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Food Therapy & Tui Na

Dr. Brown recommends treating with a combination for optimal patient response


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Acupuncture has been performed on people and animals for thousands of years

Modern research confirms its beneficial effects

 Pain Relief 

 Tissue Healing 


 Anti-Inflammatory Effects 

 GI motility...and more   

Indication for TCVM

 Wellness & Prevention 

 Performance Enhancement 

 Behavior & Anxiety 

 Pain relief 

 Post op pain management 

 Acute & Chronic Pain


 Musculoskeletal Problems


  Tendon/Ligament Injury

 Cruciate Ligament Injury



 Muscle soreness 

 Neurologic Disorders




 Degenerative Myelopathy 

 Vestibular Disorders

 Gastrointestinal Disorders


  Acute or Chronic Diarrhea




 Internal Medicine Conditions

  Kidney Disease

  Acute or Chronic Renal Failure

 Liver Disease

 Thyroid and Adrenal Disease 


 Ocular disorders

 Corneal Ulcers 



 Adjunct treatment i.e. osteosarcoma,  lymphoma, etc. 


 Quality of Life

Treatment Frequency

The number & frequency of treatments varies with each individual patient

 Three to Six treatments 1 to 2 weeks apart then monthly or as needed on a case by case basis is most common

 Many patients benefit from tune up treatments every 1 to 3 months as maintenance of chronic conditions and general wellness and prevention 

 The sooner treatments are started the better the response 

 Treatment packages or individual treatments available after initial TCVM exam/consult 


Treat the imbalance before it becomes dis-ease



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Chinese Herbal Medicine utilizes herbs to correct imbalances that underlie disease pattern(s) while promoting the body's natural ability to heal itself

Chinese Herbal Selection is based on many factors tailored to each individual patient

 Patient Signalment and Medical History

 Current Diagnostic Lab and Imaging Results

 Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis

 TCVM Exam

 Diagnostic Scan Results -horses 

 Season/Time of Year

 Five Element Theory Patient Constitution 

 Principles of Yin/Yang specific to patient 

Herbal Prescriptions & Formulations

 Dr. Brown utilizes Chinese Herbal blends from Jing Tang Herbal with convenient home delivery

 Herbal Formulations consist of tea pill, tincture, capsule or powder

 Available for acupuncture patients only. Additional fees apply

chinese herbals

Does not include owner purchased herbs from unknown sources 




TCVM Food Therapy utilizes diet to treat and prevent imbalances within the body

TCVM Food Therapy is customized to each individual patient based on TCVM pattern diagnosis, food energetics and  more

 Food Therapy recommendations are based on the principles of TCVM

 Available for established acupuncture patients only-additional fees apply 

 Please note this is not the same as a veterinary board certified nutritionist counseling 

food therapy

Not available for growing puppies or kittens



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Coming Soon 



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