Contacting Dr. Brown

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Contacting Dr. Brown 


Email is Dr. Brown's preferred method of contact: 

  • Dr. Brown is typically with a patient or traveling for a housecall
  • Email allows for better time management and record keeping
  • A housecall/niche practice does not have the same type of reception/support staff as a full service clinic
  • No text messages or social media messaging please
  • New client Requests 
    • Please follow scheduling protocol links: New client Form  Scheduling and Fees 
    • If you are a senior citizen or disabled and unable to use the computer please leave a voice message 
    • If you have submitted a new client form but have not received a confirmation pop up immediately after or email from Dr. Brown, the form was not processed correctly. Please try again and inform us via email or phone message 

Compassion Fatigue and Suicide within the Veterinary Profession 

    • The rate of compassion fatigue and suicide amongst veterinary professionals is one of the highest of all medical professions 
    • There are many reasons for compassion fatigue including high student loan debt, long work hours and time demands, unrealistic expectations and lack of boundaries by others, taking on the emotional burdens of patients and clients, cyberbullying and most recently, the stress of being an essential worker during the Covid-19 global pandemic. 
    • The protocols Dr. Brown has set in place on this website and cell phone allow her to provide the best patient care possible, while protecting her own mental health and that of her family, as she works in a demanding profession where veterinarians and veterinary personnel alike are literally taking their own lives due to the stresses of the profession
    • One of Dr. Brown's passions is spreading awareness of #notonemorevet.  Asking what could have been done after the fact is too late

        • Dr. Brown receives dozens of requests for her time on a daily basis including requests for pre-appointment phone consults and interviews, or "chats" to see if she would be a "good fit". Just as it is not possible to call a full service veterinary clinic, human doctors office, dentist, specialty hospital, etc. with the same type of pre-appointment/pre-consult interview request, it is not possible for Dr. Brown to respond to these requests either or offer telemedicine for nonclients due to time constraints. Detailed information about Dr. Brown and her services can be found on this site.  Any further discussion beyond the information on this site would be considered a consult which by law requires an active client/patient relationship i.e. appointment 
        • Dr. Brown is able to see a limited number of patients per day logistically due to the nature of a housecall and niche practice.  Her schedule books 2 to 4 or more weeks in advance based on location and the number of patients currently on a regular rotating acupuncture schedule. Please plan accordingly and be familiar with local full service and emergency clinics in your area
        • Thank you for being respectful of Dr. Browns time, protocols and boundaries so that she may spend it focusing on patient care, her own self care and that of her family
  • To learn more about compassion fatigue and suicide in the veterinary profession or donate to veterinary professionals in crisis please visit 
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Read about Dr. Browns journey within the veterinary profession in the best selling book Healer.  Signed copies available by request 

Pet Insurance

  • Digital invoices and medical records are available upon request for pet owners to forward to their chosen pet insurance company
  • Dr. Brown does not communicate directly with insurance companies or accept insurance as a direct form of payment
  • Please allow a minimum of 7 business days to create digital copies of hand written medical records and invoices

Medication Refills 

  • If your pet is on a long term medication please request a refill via the refill request form with a minimum of 3 business days for processing


  • Please contact the nearest local emergency clinic should your pet need emergency treatment.


Important Policies

  • This is not an emergency, on call or concierge service.
  • Aggressive patients or patients in need of sedation for exams will not be accepted for safety purposes. 
  • COVID-19 guidelines followed. Masks required for all appointments. 
  • Dr. Brown reserves the right to refuse service at her discretion. Travel and exam fees apply if warranted. 
  • $50 deposit for all new client appointments 
  • 24 hour cancellation fee of $50 

Thank you for your referrals


Phone : (480)494-6034

Contact : Colleen Brown DVM