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Contacting Dr. Brown 



  • Email is Dr. Browns preferred method of contact for both scheduling and brief patient updates. Dr. Brown includes 2 supportive follow up emails within one month of a patients appointment.  Access Dr. Browns expertise in between Housecalls or Soul Puppy appointments or when appointments are not feasible via her Televet Services . 
  • Please request an appointment or TeleVet Consult/Q&A  for new or chronic conditions, advice, Q&A, treatment monitoring, etc. Learn more
  • Phone and email messages will be returned by Deb, Dr. Browns online assistant, unless a phone or email TeleVet Consult with Dr. Brown has been requested
  • TeleVet fees apply and are available for active patients only 

Compassion Fatigue and Suicide within the Veterinary Profession 

    • Veterinary professionals are a special breed that dedicate their lives to helping animals and their owners. Sadly, the rate of compassion fatigue and suicide amongst veterinary professionals is one of the highest of all medical professions 
    • Many reasons exist for compassion fatigue including high student loan debt, long work hours and time demands, unrealistic expectations and lack of boundaries by others including ourselves as we like to help as many people and animals as possible. Other reasons include taking on the emotional burdens of patients and clients, cyberbullying and most recently, the stress of being an essential worker during the Covid-19 global pandemic. 
    • The protocols Dr. Brown has set in place allow her to provide the best patient care possible, while protecting her own mental health and that of her family.
    • To learn more about compassion fatigue and suicide in the veterinary profession or donate to veterinary professionals in crisis please visit 
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Read about Dr. Browns journey within the veterinary profession in the best selling book Healer.  Signed copies available by request 

Pet Insurance

  • Pet insurance is a contract between pet owners and their chosen insurance company. Dr. Brown is not able to communicate directly with insurance companies or accept insurance as a direct form of payment. 
  • Medical records and invoices area available upon request for pet owners to submit to their chosen pet insurance company. Please allow a minimum of 7 business days for requests 

Medication Refills 

  • If your pet is on a long term medication please REQUEST A REFILL via the refill request form and allow 72 hours for processing



Important Policy Reminders

  • Patients are seen by scheduled appointment
  • This is not an emergency, urgent care/same day, on call or concierge service.
  • Aggressive patients or patients in need of sedation for exams will not be accepted for safety purposes. 
  • Please follow COVID-19 guidelines for safety purposes. Masks required for all appointments. 
  • Dr. Brown reserves the right to refuse service at her discretion. Travel and exam fees apply if warranted. 
  • $50 deposit required for all appointments 
  • Payment due at time services are rendered (deposit will be subtracted from total)
  • 24 hour cancellation fee of $50 

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