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MYVETSTOREONLINE is Dr. Browns trusted online pharmacy & shop with convenient home delivery via Midwest Veterinary Supply

  • SUPPLEMENTS (Joint, allergy, anxiety, etc.)
  • PREVENTATIVES (Heartworm/Flea&Tick/Dewormers)
  • PET FOOD: Select prescription and nonprescription diets
  • SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER (Oatmeal and medicated)
  • and more! 


  • Clients will be able to access their own MYVETSTOREONLINE account directly from this site and receive instant savings, competitive pricing, convenient home delivery and free shipping on qualifying orders, all while supporting Dr. Brown as a local small business vendor
  • Please email Dr. Brown at or her private client only TeleVET email to place orders while the shop is finalized


  • In order to provide the best patient care possible, Dr. Brown will no longer be authorizing prescriptions from third party pharmacies, online or local, and is exclusively working with her trusted partner, Myvetstoreonline by Midwest Veterinary Supply
    • Dr. Browns store is preferred over other online retailers as it allows Dr. Brown to streamline prescription requests, track all medications a pet is taking and ensure only safe and effective medications and products are delivered to her patients
  • If the use of an outside third party pharmacy is preferred, Dr. Brown will provide a complimentary WRITTEN PRESCRIPTION for clients to take directly to preferred local pharmacies or mail/email directly to chosen online pharmacies
    • Complimentary WRITTEN PRESCRIPTIONS are available during in person housecall or Soul Puppy appointments, via local pick up at Soul Puppy Holistic Healing in downtown Mesa or via mail/email 
      • Please submit an OUTSIDE PHARMACY REFILL REQUEST FORM  only if you wish for Dr. Brown or remote staff to phone in your pets prescription to a outside third party pharmacy
      • There is a $15 fee per call
        • Note: the above fee is waived if the prescription medication is not available in MYVETSTOREONLINE such as select controlled or closely monitored medications or if a medication needs to be compounded at a compounding pharmacy if a FDA approved drug is not available in the proper size due to patient weight

Standard Process Whole Food Supplements 

  • Get your Standard Process Veterinary Formulas™ supplements conveniently from Dr. Brown with your own Patient Direct account
  • Sign up for Patient Direct at Available for active patients only
  • Contact our office for details for first time order activation code

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Jing Tang Herbal Chinese Herbs

  • Please email Dr. Brown directly for all herbal refills at or her private Televet email for clients only
  • Note: Dr. Brown does not recommend the use of Chinese herbs from unknown sources

RX Vitamins for Pets

  • Under construction

Nordic Pet

  • Sustainably sourced Omega 3 Supplements for Pets


  • Under construction

Companion CBD

  • Local, Veterinarian owned, third party tested, CBD chews for dogs and cats 
  • Email us for our unique patient discount code!

Books by Dr. Brown 

  • Dr. Brown is a best-selling author!
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  • Dr. Brown is a local mixed media artist! 
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  • Learn more about compassion fatigue and suicide within the veterinary profession: #NOTONEMOREVET

Thank you for supporting our small business online pharmacy and private practice