Appointments & Scheduling

Brown Veterinary Housecalls

Mesa, AZ 85205


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Appointments & Scheduling


All appointment requests are conveniently processed directly on this main site as Dr. Brown is either with a patient or traveling

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Patients are seen by scheduled appointment during regular business hours

In Home Euthanasia requests are scheduled as the last appointment of the day pending location & availability

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For correspondence with Dr. Brown outside of in person appointments please see TeLeVET Services (TeLeVET fees & restrictions apply).

For active patients only

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Business Hours

Tues-Fri 11AM -5PM

Closed: Sat, Sun, Mon, Holidays

Appointment Hours 

Variable based on location and availability

Office Hours

N/A due to nature of practice

Remote Support Staff

Not available on demand


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New Clients 

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Active Patients

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Dr. Brown has three branches to her practice:*

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Brown Veterinary Housecalls 

(main site/you are here)

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 Soul Puppy Holistic Healing

(Mesa TCVM Specialty Office Site)

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Equine Acupuncture-TCVM

(Mobile Equine Specialty Site)

* Housecall patients are separate from and not considered Soul Puppy patients & vice versa, TCVM-only patients are not considered General Medicine patients & vice versa, etc. 


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