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Appointments & Scheduling

"The best doctor in the world is a Veterinarian.

She cant ask her patients what is the matter"~ Will Rogers



This website was created by Dr. Brown with extra detail & TLC in order to provide the best housecall experience possible for you and your pets

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 All Scheduling and Communication requests are conveniently processed directly on this site as Dr. Brown is either with a patient or traveling

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Answers to all General Inquiry Questions, outside of medical advice, are found here in detail. This allows Dr. Brown to provide her undivided attention to her patients and clients during housecalls

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Pet specific questions i.e. medical advice requires a valid VCPR*

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Dr. Brown travels to multiple cities in & surrounding the East Valley with Mesa, AZ as her hub

Travel Area & FAQ

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All Housecall Patients are seen by Scheduled Appointment during regular business hours based on location & doctor availability 

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In Home Euthanasia requests are scheduled as the last appointment of the day in advance to ensure peaceful  experiences & to allot for additional time & travel required for post appointment gentle aftercare

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 Active Clients receive priority scheduling and may request appointments for active patients via online forms, emails to scheduling or by texting the complimentary scheduling number provided to active clients only

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If you and your pet wish to work with Dr. Brown  and the multitude of Services that she offers, all New Client Requests are processed on this site via online forms & email communication. The easy to follow step by step process may be completed in 1 to 3 business days or less. The sooner requests are submitted, the sooner they can be evaluated and scheduled pending doctor approval.

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Please note Dr. Brown does not accept pets with a history of aggression or in need of sedation for handling. Probationary acceptance consideration for pets with temperament concerns may be considered on a case by case basis pending both request and records review-restrictions & additional fees apply.

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Dr. Brown reserves the right to refuse service at her discretion


Housecall Availability changes frequently due to the logistics of scheduling a mobile practice. In order to provide the best patient care possible and to ensure the safety of Dr. Brown and her assistant, Dr. Browns schedule information i.e. first available appointment(s) details are reserved for active patients & pre-approved new client requests with authorized paid deposits only

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If upon review of required information submitted for New Client requests (online form and medical records) that a pet requires care sooner than Dr. Brown is able to provide, the required deposit (step three- for approved requests only) will not be requested to pursue scheduling (step four)

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For Local Emergency Information & helpful resources please click the icon below as this is not a same day, urgent care, triage, emergency response or emergency service

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Active patients receive priority scheduling and will always be offered the first available appointment for their area. If feasible, urgent care options will be offered for active patients pending patient needs, location & doctor availability-additional fees apply

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Dr. Brown encourages individuals with disabilities or elderly pet owners if in need of additional assistance to leave a message or email (see contact page). Please specifically state the type of additional assistance that is needed in your message so that we may best serve you and return your correspondence

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For correspondence with Dr. Brown outside of in person appointments please utilize TeLeVET Services

(TeLeVET fees & restrictions apply).

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For active patients only

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Thank you for choosing Dr. Brown for your pets healing needs and for supporting this local, independent, veterinarian-owned & operated, small business-private practice. A rare breed indeed!

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Business Hours

Tues-Fri 11AM -5PM

Closed: Sat, Sun, Mon, Holidays

Appointment Hours 

Variable based on location and availability

Office Hours

N/A due to nature of practice

Remote Reception Staff

Not available on demand


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New Clients 

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Active Patients

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Disability Assistance

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Brown Veterinary Housecalls 

(Main site/you are here)

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 Soul Puppy Holistic Healing

(Downtown Mesa TCVM Specialty Office Site)

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Equine Acupuncture-TCVM

(Mobile Equine Specialty Site)

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Highlighted Policies & Additional Information

*A housecall practice functions very differently from a vet clinic at a fixed location. For this reason, Dr. Brown is not able to personally respond to requests or questions via phone or text so that she may focus on patient care and safe driving. Please utilize this site to its fullest as this small business housecall practice does not have an office with a reception staff like a brick & mortar full service clinic. Once requests are received, remote receptionwill assist Dr. Brown with communication via email. Please note remote support is not available on demand due to the nature of this practice.  All answers to general inquiry questions, outside of medical advice, are found here, including detailed descriptions of available services, fees, a pet library, nutrition links and more. A Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) is required by law for all veterinary recommendations, advice, prescriptions, etc.

**Remote reception is unable to provide detailed schedule availability to general inquiries that have not submitted required documents for preapproval. .Appointments are only offered and held under the above conditions in order to provide the best patient care possible and to ensure the safety of Dr. Brown and her assistantIf upon review of information provided on the new client request form and medical records, that the needs of a pet require attention sooner than Dr. Brown can provide, a deposit will not be requested to pursue scheduling dates

*gold paw icon Note: Housecall patients are separate from and not considered Soul Puppy patients & vice versa, TCVM-only patients are not considered General Medicine patients & vice versa, etc.