Hospital Policies

Brown Veterinary Housecalls

Mesa, AZ 85205


Appointment Policy
Please make cancellations twenty-four hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.  If cancellations are made the same day as your appointment or if you are not home during the scheduled visit time, you will be charged a housecall fee. A $50 cancellation fee will be charged for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hour notice.

Patient Policy
Please have your pet accessible at the time of the doctors arrival; a bathroom or small enclosure may be needed prior to appointment time especially for cats and kittens.

Payment Policy
Payment is expected at the time services are rendered.

Euthanasia Policy
Brown Veterinary Housecall Services PLLC performs euthanasia only on patients suffering from a poor quality of life and unmanagable disease. Dr. Brown reserves the right to deny euthanasia at her discretion. Convenience euthanasias will not be performed (i.e. kids are returning to school, I do not want pet any longer, it was my parents pet, its old, etc)

On-line Pharmacy Policy 
Due to the high number of fraudulent pharmacies online it is our policy not to fax prescriptions. Your pets medication may be obtained by a carefully selected service offering convenient home delivery and competitive prices.  Alternatively you may request a written script to take to a local pharmacy of your choice. It is our goal to make sure your pet gets the best care possible and that includes high quality medication from reputable sources. Thank you for your understanding.

Compounding Pharmacy Policy
Drug compounding is a service that is available if a medication is not available in the correct strength or formulation for your pet (i.e. a smaller size or liquid, etc). If a FDA approved drug is available in the proper strength and formulation there is no legitimate reason to have it compounded. Although some compounded drugs may be less expensive, they are not guaranteed to be as effective.