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Brown Veterinary Housecalls

Mesa, AZ 85205


Published Work 

Dr. Brown enjoys living a creative life with art and writing. In a profession such as veterinary medicine, with the highest rate of compassion fatigue and suicide amongst all medical professions, she believes a balanced healer is able to help more people and animals. 

Dr. Brown became a best-selling author in January 2019 with her story entitled The Angel Coin, in a collaborative book called, When I Rise, I Thrive.

In April 2019, Dr. Brown won The Rising Star Award from As You Wish Publishing for her chapter entitled Soul Puppy, in the best-selling book , Healer.  In this book Dr. Brown details her journey within the veterinary profession. 

Signed copies are available with a portion of the proceeds going to Healing Hearts Animal Rescue where Dr. Brown adopted her beloved horse Wyatt.