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Equine Specialty Services Fees 

*Note: This is a Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) appointment only and does not include Western Veterinary Medicine. TCVM services offered include acupuncture, herbal medicine and food therapy . Herbal and food consults are available to established acupuncture patients only. 

Initial Equine TCVM housecall or barncall

  • $350 (includes housecall/barncall travel fee within travel area, TCVM consult/exam/evaluation, TCVM diagnostic scan and first acupuncture treatment for one horse per visit)
    • individual or prepaid acupuncture packages available after initial visit
      • the number and frequency of treatments varies with each individual patient and whether treating acute vs chronic conditions 
      • 3 to 6 treatments every 1 to 2 weeks is typically recommended to gauge a response then monthly or as needed on a case by case basis
      • treatments include a combination of dry needle, aquapuncture and/or electroacupuncture pending the needs of the patient, patient constitution, tongue and pulse diagnosis, diagnostic scan results, TCVM pattern diagnoses, etc.

Multi-Horse Discount-Equine TCVM (same owner, same day and same household/barn)

  • $ per additional horse -under construction

Extended Appointment time 

  • $ per 15min increments after initial appointment time-under construction 

ADDITIONAL ADD-ON SERVICES -for acupuncture patients only 

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consult -(acupuncture patients only)

  • $150 (includes herbal consult and initial herbal starter bottle)
    • Chinese Herbal selection is based on many factors tailored to each individual patient. Factors include patient tongue and pulse diagnosis, diagnostic scan results, Five Element Theory constitution, TCVM pattern diagnosis (often multiple patterns are present), history, current lab results, season/time of year, and more. Dr. Brown prefers to treat the patient with several acupuncture sessions before starting an herbal treatment plan on a case by case basis.
    • Prescribing Chinese herbs is individualized and not similar to prescribing western medications. There are well over 300 herbal blends to choose from and each patient is an individual. Note: most patients with chronic conditions have multiple pattern diagnoses. Herbal may change or other blends may be added to treatment plan pending response. Most herbal blends can be used for up to 3 or 6 months as needed on a case by case basis 
    • Convenient home delivery of Chinese Herbs based on TCVM pattern diagnosis from Jing Tang Herbal
      • concentrated powder available for horses 
    • Does not include owner purchased herbs from unknown sources

TCVM Equine Food Therapy -(acupuncture patients only)

  • TCVM Food Therapy Consult-General 
    • $50 (includes basic principles of TCVM Equine Food Therapy and food lists for general TCVM patterns)
  • TCVM Food Therapy Consult-Individualized
    • Variable (individualized recipes for equine patient specific TCVM patterns)
      • available on a case by case basis at Dr. Brown's discretion

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