Housecall-General Info

Brown Veterinary Housecalls

Mesa, AZ 85205


Brown Veterinary Housecall Services 

Trusted, convenient, stress free, veterinary care in the comfort of your pets own home, yard or barn 

Ideal for

  • multipet households
  • pets that do not travel well 
  • easily stressed pets
  • large breed dogs
  • senior & geriatric pets
  • arthritic pets unable to get into vehicles
  • horses
  • elderly or handicapped pet owners
  • busy pet owners 
  • cats! 
  • and more...   

How to prepare

  • Please have cats enclosed in a small room where they can not hide or run away such as a bathroom if needed. Cat wrangling is not a provided service! 
  • Please have collars on dogs to help with restraint
  • Please make sure patients presented for acupuncture are clean and dry 
  • Please have halter and lead rope for horses. Cross ties preferred for acupuncture if available. 
  • Dogs can be examined outside in a secure yard or in the house

What to expect

  • Dr. Brown travels with her assistant Jim.  Average doctor appointment time is 1 hour.  
    • Greeting and history
    • Physical exam
    • Recommendations & questions 
    • Lab sample collection, perform recommended and/or requested treatments
    • Charting and invoicing
    • Email follow up

Covid-19 Protocol 

  • Masks required for all appointments 

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Scheduling and Fees


Dr. Brown has been proudly serving the valley with veterinary housecalls since 2010. Brown Veterinary Services is a privately owned, small business. Thank you for your referrals.