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Brown Veterinary Housecalls

Mesa, AZ 85205


Brown Veterinary Housecall Services 

Trusted, Convenient, Stress Free, Veterinary Care in the comfort of your pets own HOME, YARD or BARN by Integrative Veterinarian, Dr. Colleen Brown.  Proudly serving the valley since 2010 as a small business private practice. 


  • multipet households
  • pets that do not travel well 
  • easily stressed pets
  • large breed dogs
  • senior & geriatric pets
  • arthritic pets unable to get into vehicles
  • horses
  • elderly or handicapped pet owners
  • busy pet owners 
  • cats! 
  • and more...   



  • Dr. Brown travels via car with her in person assistant, Jim
  • Exams are conducted in the home, yard or barn
  • Average in person doctor appointment time is 1 hour pending appointment type requested.  Please note Dr. Brown typically has only a 30 min window for travel time in between appointments to get to her next patient location. Extended/additional time fees apply if appointment goes over the allotted time. 
    • Greeting and history
    • Physical exam
    • Recommendations & questions 
    • Lab sample collection, perform recommended and/or requested treatments
    • Charting and invoicing
    • Up to two supportive follow up emails within one month of appointment time
    • Keep in contact with Dr. Brown and access her expertise in between appointments via TeleVET TIME SERVICES
    • Ask about Concierge Membership Plan Options 


  • Once your appointment has been confirmed after completing the new client form, submitting records and paying the appointment deposit, please complete the PATIENT HISTORY FORM and any applicable TCVM forms prior to scheduled appointment
  • Please have cats enclosed in a small room where they can not hide or run away such as a bathroom if needed. Cat wrangling is not a provided service! For nervous cats the exam will be conducted in this room so please clear counters and remove personal effects to avoid accidental breakage by stressed cats. Dr. Brown and staff will not be held responsible for any broken items not removed from area 
  • Please have collars on dogs to help with restraint
  • Please make sure patients presented for acupuncture are clean and dry 
  • Please have halter and lead rope for horses. Cross ties preferred for acupuncture if available. 
  • Dogs can be examined outside in a secure yard or in the home
  • Reminder: Dr. Brown has a no aggressive pet policy that was agreed to on the new client form. She does not offer or carry sedation due to the nature of this practice. All fees still apply if a dog, cat or horse is aggressive and not able to be fully examined. 

Covid-19 Protocol 

  • Masks continue to be required for all appointments for safety purposes due to Covid-19 and its variants. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Dr. Brown has been proudly serving the valley with veterinary housecalls since 2010. Brown Veterinary Services is a Female Owned/Private Practice/Small Business.

Thank you for your referrals.