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 Thank you for your inquiry

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(if disabled or elderly and in need of assistance please click for contact page)

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For your convenience, answers to all general inquiry questions including Appointments & Scheduling, New Client Requests, Services & FeesFAQ and more are found directly on Dr. Browns websites at no cost

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This allows Dr. Brown to focus on patient care and safe traveling*

i.e. she is not available via phone or text

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This form was created to address & accommodate requests to speak directly to Dr. Brown prior to submitting a New Client Request Form along with messages Dr. Brown receives for information already provided in detail on her phone recording, email auto-response and websites.

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Pet Specific Questions require a valid VCPR i.e. in person exam/consult by Arizona Law

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Please note Dr. Brown is not able to offer free consults, medical advice or personally respond to general inquiries or requests for "interviews" or "chats" prior to scheduling

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If you are unable to find the answer to a general question Dr. Brown is happy to provide the correct link. Please complete the required form below for a complimentary email from remote support. Note: If a question is pet specific i.e. medical advice it requires an appointment to be answered.

Aggressive Pet & Sedation Policy

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Thank you!

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This is NOT a new client, telehealth or telemedicine request form.

Complimentary and prepaid options available below for general information only


All required fields must be filled for form to process

*A housecall practice functions very differently from a vet clinic at a fixed location. For this reason, Dr. Brown is not able to respond to requests or questions via phone or text. Please utilize this site to its fullest as this small business housecall practice does not have an office with a reception staff like a brick & mortar full service clinic. Remote support assists Dr. Brown with communication but is not available on demand. Dr. Brown  and remote support are unable to provide detailed schedule availability to general inquiries that have not submitted required new client forms and documents for preapproval for safety purposes. A Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) i.e. in person exam/consult, is required by law for all veterinary recommendations, pet specific questions, advice, prescriptions, etc. Thank you

Special Correspondence Form

Please tell us which of Dr. Browns websites you were reviewing as there are three branches to her practice (required) (main site-housecalls) (TCVM office in downtown Mesa) (mobile equine TCVM services)

What type of appointment are you considering? (required)

Housecall General Medicine-(no acupuncture)
Housecall TCVM Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine (no general medicine)
Housecall Integratvie (both general & TCVM)
Soul Puppy Holistic Healing TCVM specialty office in historic downtown Mesa (no general medicine)
Quality of Life/Hospice/In Home Euthanasia
Equine Mobile Acupuncture

Please choose from the following options. Regular business hours are Tues-Fri 11AM to 5PM CLOSED Sat, Sun, Mon & Holidays. NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS (required)

Complimentary Email response from remote support
Prepaid Chat with technician for $44/15min during regular business hours within 1 to 3 business days (no refunds/transfers)
Email response from Dr. Brown within 1 to 3 business days during regular business hours $88 for 15 min (no refunds/transfers)
Phone response with Dr. Brown within 1 to 3 business days during regular business hours $111 for 15 min (no refunds/transfers)

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Brief pet history and medical conditions of concern for which you are considering an appointment with Dr. Brown (required)

What questions do you have about the type of appointment you are considering above for your pet? (required)

General Questions that you were not able to find answers to on website THAT IS NOT CONSIDERED MEDICAL ADVICE? (required)

What specific questions do you have that were not answered upon review of website or unable to find on website THAT IS NOT CONSIDERED MEDICAL ADVICE? (required)

Additional Space if needed

Additional Space if needed.

By checking this box I understand that this service is for general information only. I understand this is not a veterinary medical consult or telemedicine consult and that medical advice will not be obtained by law
By checking this box I understand that this service does not establish an active client/patient/doctor relationship and that an actual in person physical exam appointment with my pet is required to do so by law
I understand by checking this box that if not requesting a complimentary email that this is a prepaid nonrefundable fee for a one time correspondence service for general information and that general information can be found on this site at no cost
I understand by checking this box that this fee will not count toward any other services, is not the same as an appointment deposit and that this correspondence service and fee will not guarantee a future appointment with Dr. Brown
By checking this box I agree to prepay for this correspondence service via zelle, venmo or paypal. I understand that due to the number of requests received daily that Dr. Brown will not be able to respond to my request until payment is received.
Preferred payment options. NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS (required)

Zelle-send to 480-494-6034 or
Paypal-send to
Venmo-send to cmbrowndvm

A portion of this fee will go to NOTONEMOREVET: an organization that helps veterinary professionals cope with the demands of the profession in dealing with compassion fatigue and suicide risk.

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