Dr. Brown Direct Contact Options

Brown Veterinary Housecalls

Mesa, AZ 85205



Dr. Brown offers Trusted Veterinary Care, Expertise, and Support, via the following Paid Services:

Chat with Dr. Brown 

  • Created for pet owners/prospective clients that wish to correspond directly with Dr. Brown prior to scheduling an in person appointment for a pet exam/consult.
  • Dr. Brown and all state licensed veterinarians are not able to offer medical advice or prescribe medication or Chinese herbs without an active client-patient-doctor relationship by law i.e., official appointment for an in-person pet exam/consult.

Scheduled Appointments

  • Exams/Consults, Follow-up Recheck Appointments, etc.
  • Available via Housecall/Barn-call or at Soul Puppy Holistic Healing (TCVM only specialty office) 

TeleVet Time with Dr. Brown 

  • Remote access communication and correspondence via email/phone  (active patients only)
  • Ideal for Questions/Clarifications/Q&A, Treatment monitoring, Quality of Life Counselling, Supplement/product Research, etc.

Concierge Service 

  • Tiered Membership Packages with varying levels of services and differing degrees of TeleVet Time with Dr. Brown (active patients only)