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TeleVet Request Form 

Please request an in person appointment or go to the nearest full service or emergency clinic should your pets condition deteriorate.

Telvet services are available for active patients with a current in person exam by Dr. Brown within the last 12 months.

Dr. Brown will respond via email unless a phone call is necessary. Response times vary based on availability and type of response requested. 

Thank you for choosing us for your pet care needs. 

TeleVet Request

First Name
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Pets Name

Please list current diet and all medications/supplements

This condition or concern is


Brief overview of main concerns or questions.

My pet is

Eating normally
Eating less
Not eating

My pet has

Normal stools
Vomiting & Diarrhea

My pets activity is


My pet is

Breathing normally

Please use this for additional space if needed. Be sure to include when concerns started. The more detail the better.

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Pictures and any new medical records or test results are very helpful

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Please choose from the following telemedicine options. Regular business hours are Mon-Fri 9AM to 6PM (required)

STANDARD RESPONSE:$82 for up to 30 min phone or email consult within 1 to 3 business days during regular business hours
SAME DAY RESPONSE:$120 for up to 30 min phone or email consult during regular business hours
PREAPPROVED AFTERHOUR/WEEKEND RESPONSE: includes additional $150 plus SAME DAY fee of $120 for 30 min phone or email consult

By checking this box I understand Dr. Brown will respond to my questions via email within 1 to 3 business days unless a same day response was requested
By checking this box I agree to prepay for televet services via zelle, venmo or paypal. I understand that due to the number of requests received daily that Dr. Brown will not be able to respond to my request until payment is received.
Preferred payment options (required)

Zelle-send to 480-494-6034 or
Paypal-send to
Venmo-send to cmbrowndvm

By checking this box I understand that if my pets condition can not be addressed via telemedicine or worsens that I must schedule a housecall or Soul Puppy appointment or go to the nearest full service veterinary clinic or emergency clinic
Thank you for choosing Brown Veterinary Services for your pet care needs.

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