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Posted By :    Jill
Posted :    10/4/2018
Comments :    Client: Jill Comment: We first met Dr. Brown around June 2011 when we made the painful decision that it was time to let go of our Lab, Dusty, of 15 years. We held onto him much longer than we should have, because he was family and hard to let go. We found a number for Dr. Brown, who showed so much compassion through the process, that we knew that we had found our vet for all our family pets going forward. Dr. Brown was the vet of our cattle dog mix, Jake, from 2011 - 2017, when we had to make an equally tough decision with him. I didn't want to make the same mistake with Jake that I had made with Dusty, holding on too long when he was clearly in pain. Jake was also 15-16 years old. She took the time to call me and talk about it, and once again showed so much compassion with the process. While Jake was with us, Dr. Brown kept his shots up to date and did his senior blood work each year to ensure he remained healthy. In November of 2011 we adopted a new family member, a ridgeback mix, Bear. She's been Bear's vet since he was about 4-6 weeks old, and still visits Bear each year when we have concerns or need to update his shots. She has always addressed any concerns we had with Bear and I'm always grateful for her expertise. Bear has an extreme amount of anxiety and Dr. Brown had suggested at one time defusing lavender oil might be helpful for his anxiety. I did try this on a New Years Eve when there was fire works going on for hours and found it helpful when I saw him lay below the diffuser. He was still in a hiding spot, but not running from room to room shaking - her advice is always welcome with me, even when I'm skeptical before trying. We have one more family member that Dr. Brown has come to know and treat over the years, a siberian husky mix, Cody. He was 5 when we adopted him in 2016, and she has been his vet as well from the day he joined our family. We recently had Cody's senior blood work done and had discovered there was a kidney issue we were not previously aware of. The only time in the last 7 years that my dogs have been to a vet other than Dr. Brown is when she recommends one, because something is needed that she is unable to preform as a mobile vet such as x-rays or surgery. Dr. Brown is our vet and I always refer her when I hear of someone looking for a vet. Jill.
Posted By :    Patti Lindseth
Posted :    9/1/2016
Comments :    Dr. Brown is an extremely knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate doctor. We first became extremely fortunate to have her come into our pets lives several years ago. Our sweetest most gentle female Persian kitty became very sick with kidney problems at age 18. The constant car rides to the vet were making her even more sick and unhappy. We did not want her to live in pain and miserable, so we were considering it may be time... Dr. Brown was referred to me by a friend and she started coming to the home to treat our sweetheart on a regular basis. It was amazing. Our kitty became happier, had more energy, and the sparkle came back to her eyes. We got 2 more wonderful loving years together before she eventually let us know she was no longer pain free and needed Dr Brown to set her free. Dr Brown came to our kitty's own home and her own bed to let her permanently rest. I will be eternally grateful to Dr Brown for those extra pain free happy years, that she did not have to be taken out of her home and driven to a cold strange place, and that Dr Brown even helped us find the perfect urn for her -- a black Persian shape -- in her favorite room with us always. How do you ever repay anyone for that compassion and knowledge? We have since had another older kitty that she made sure he was treated with the kindness, compassion, and dignity that he also deserved when he let us know it was his time to move on. It is never easy, and always heartbreaking, but Dr Brown helps you through the transition in her wonderful and caring way. I will always be grateful our kitties could be in their own comfortable home, and not dragged out into a car and a cold loud busy place for the inevitable. We have other cats at home that she currently cares for as well, with the same knowledge, compassion, and care that she always exhibits. I will never take my pets out to a clinic when we are lucky enough to have Dr Brown come care and love them in their own home. Thank you Dr Brown for the professional, and wonderful person you are!!
Posted By :    Paul & Jan West  (
Posted :    12/16/2013
Comments :    Doc Brown - what a great VET!!! Her tender, skilled care helped us thru a difficult time with our Tasha. We witnessed her energetic efforts to help our dear girl but, ultimately, Tasha’s time had arrived. Doctor Brown’s great, delicate nature patiently helped us and Tasha in those last moments as our faith was renewed that God receives back ALL His creations! We thankfully join our testimonial with many others and recommend Doctor Brown and her wonderful, skilled staff for your pet’s needs… and yours! ! Paul and Jan West, Apache Junction
Posted By :    Ann Pierce  (
Posted :    3/27/2013
Comments :    Dr. Brown, I thank you so much for all you have done for Princess. This was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life, putting my Rottie down. I knew it was time and you were so supportive. Princess was comfortable with you and did not feel scarred, alone, or uncomfortable. I am thankful for having you by outside. I cannot thank you enough for texting me back at 3am's that Monday morning and early 7am to check on Princess. My family cannot say enough good things about you. You truly are a gift from God for all animals and have a HUGE heart. I'm so sad Princess had to sleep, but thankful good people like you were there-in this difficult time for Princess. Thank you Dr Brown and Emily the same:) If down the line we decide on another family member-I would love to have you care for my pets. Love you for all you do! Ann Pierce
Posted By :    Gary and Kathy
Posted :    11/27/2012
Comments :    Kathy and I really appreciate the time you took with Maggie and us. Your thoughtfulness and understanding helped us get through it much easier. We will highly recommend you and your services as the alternative to the vet table. I know Maggie thanks you too!!!
Posted By :    Emily  (
Posted :    8/27/2012
Comments :    Dr. Brown is absolutely amazing! She was compassionate and caring, not only toward our dog, but toward us as well. She understood our concern and was genuinely there for all of us. She is geniunely compassionate about her work, and we will certainly use her again. Having a veterinarian come to our home is not only more convenient, but keeps all our animals calm, as they can be treated in their own environment. From everything from vaccines to (heaven forbid) emergencies, she's there, and we will NEVER use anyone else. Her sense of humor and pleasent demeanor also helps keeps owners at ease, even in times of distress. We love you, Dr. Brown! Love, 2 Aussies, and six fiesty kitties!
Posted By :    athena
Posted :    8/9/2012
Comments :    Dr Brown wsa called to help Dudley (and his mom-me) take his blood pressure without the stress of visiting a vets office. She was calm and thorough and it was great not having to go through the car ride, other sick animals at the vets office and stress related to an office visit.
Posted By :    Cissy
Posted :    5/30/2012
Comments :    Dr. Brown helped my friend send her dog over the "Rainbow Bridge". She came to her house and was so kind and gentle with the wonderful greyhound. I think he sensed she was there to help him transition. It was so peaceful and serene to the beloved dog. I recommend Dr. Brown to anyone in the Valley needing a "house-call" veterinarian. She is empathetic, professional, and an all around good person. Thank you Dr. Brown.
Posted By :    Coralie Cole
Posted :    1/2/2012
Comments :    Dr. Brown is simply the best - I will ALWAYS use her for my dog's vet needs. I had to put my dear sweet old Penny (Rottie) down and I was at a loss what to do. Dr. Brown was recommended, and let me say her and sister who assists, were absolutely hands down the most phenomenal team. They shepharded both Penny and myself with her passing - with such care and sincerety!! I truly felt loved and comforted by their kind words and professionalism. Penny was calm and was never in any distress with their kind and loving touch and care. I also had to call Dr. Brown to help me when one of my dogs received a serious injury from a dog attack, and again, I do not know what I would have done without them. Bluey was already in a lot of distress and had I been forced to bring her to a vet it would have seriously contributed to her injury and fear. I highly highly recommend Dr. Brown - her and her sister are both compassionate, informed, gentle and professional - simply the best I have ever encountered. You will not be disappointed!! And best of all - your pet will thank you, paws down!! Thanks again from Coralie, Penny, Bluey...and Haku and Jade too!!
Posted By :    Merrisue & Dane  (
Posted :    10/17/2011
Comments :    We have had at least two absolutely positive experiences with Dr. Brown for Duke and Wookie. She was extremely compassionate and knowledgable. In one case it was for an end of life situation which she handled with respect and dignity. Most recently, she was able to recognize that Wookie was in distress with "Bloat" and needed immediate emergency attention to save her life. Dr. Brown is compassionate, knowledgable, personable, accommodating, and timely in her follow up. We would definitely recommend her for clients needing veterinary housecall services. Thank you for helping to save Wookie's life! -Merrisue & Dane (Mesa, AZ)-
Posted By :    Mark
Posted :    6/7/2011
Comments :    I wanted to Thank you for coming out and making things as comfortable as possible for Shesha. It was the most difficult thing that I have had to do, even though it was the right thing to do. You and your sister were incredible and I can’t even begin to tell you how much better you both made me feel during the process.
Posted By :    Patti & Marc Stern
Posted :    6/1/2011
Comments :    Dr. Brown (& Katie): There are no words, feelings, or expressions to ever thank you ENOUGH for what you did to help our sweet Payson at his end of life. You helped us to help Payson transition into his final resting phase of life, after 11 beautiful years. Thanks to you, Dr. Brown, Payson was able to peacefully pass on here at home, on his favorite ortho bed, with complete dignity & with the absolute ingegrity he SO deserved. He passed away quietly and with tranquility, and with all of us hugging him, holding him,and showering him with kisses. He was in his glory! Not to mention he was eating his favorite treat when he went into eternal sleep......he was eating his VANILLA ICE CREAM!!! He went to sleep knowing & remembering all of this. He could not have lived, or ended his life in a a more peaceful & perfect way. Our certified Banner Hospital Therapy Dog had now become the terminal patient, and you, in the end, became his angel. (If anyone here is reading this and considering Dr. Brown for the first time, don't think twice. She is nothing less than wonderful). Our love and gratitude forever, Patti and Marc Stern/Mesa, Az & Moe(& Payson)
Posted By :    Sue
Posted :    2/25/2011
Comments :    I want to thank you so much for being so kind and understanding to myself and my family. We really appreciate everything you did for Elwood. He was a great part of our family. Thank you again. I will recommend your services to everyone.
Posted By :    John  (
Posted :    2/15/2011
Comments :    Having three cats that were found as strays they were very scared around strangers.I knew that they freak in a vets office,but at the same time they had to have their shots.That is when i was told about Dr brown and house call vet service she provides.Dr Brown came to my house and really knew how to calm my cats.She even came to my house on a saturday to check on one of my cats that got into a fight.I would recommend Dr Brown to any of my friends.Thanks Dr Brown
Posted By :    Barbara
Posted :    9/25/2010
Comments :    Dear Dr. Brown, There are no words to tell you how I appreciate the way you took care of our "puppy" last week. It isnt simply that you know what to do to help my dog but you have the patience and compassion to calm my own anxiety over her. You have been so efficient, especially your follow up calls, as you did with our late "Lucy". So understanding the grief of the the loss and so helpful in keeping us from past mistakes and regrets. I hope your business prospers, youre great and if you are half as good with your son as you are with pets youve got some wonderful and fortunate family. Thank you always, B, D and Puppy
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