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Compassion Fatigue and Suicide within the Veterinary Profession 

"Sometimes the healer needs healing and art heals" ~Dr. Brown, best-selling book, Healer

 Veterinary professionals are a special breed that dedicate their lives to helping animals and their owners. Sadly, the rate of  compassion fatigue and suicide amongst veterinary professionals is one of the highest of all medical professions 

Many reasons exist for compassion fatigue-burn out including but not limited to :

  • long work hours, case load & time demands
  • lack of boundaries
  • unrealistic expectations
  • disrespect for veterinarians personal life & time
  • contacting veterinarians on their personal time 
  • contacting veterinarians outside of business boundaries & business hours i.e. text, social media, in public, etc. 
  • taking on the emotional burdens of patients and clients
  • toxic work environments
  • cyberbullying
  • high student loan debt
  • mass corporate takeover of the profession 
  • stress of being an essential worker during the Covid-19 global pandemic
  • stress of dealing with aftermath of pandemic 
  • & sadly more....

The protocols & boundaries Dr. Brown has set in place allow her to provide the best patient care possible, while protecting her own mental health and that of her staff & family  

Dr. Brown cares deeply for her patients and wishes for their well being at all times.

    • However it is not possible for Dr. Brown to offer unlimited direct phone or email access, 24/7 availability, emergency care or any sort of access via platforms where boundaries are not upheld such as text or social media messaging
    • Appropriate boundaries & compensation for time spent on remote access patient care, communication/correspondence & general support given to pet owners outside of in person appointments helps to avoid burn out and compassion fatigue

Thank you for your understanding

Read about Dr. Browns journey within the veterinary profession in the best selling book Healer

Dr. Brown won the Rising Star Award for her contribution to the book from As You Wish Publishing

To learn more about compassion fatigue and suicide in the veterinary profession or donate to veterinary professionals in crisis please visit NOMV.ORG

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)