Western Veterinary Medicine Housecall Fees

Brown Veterinary Housecalls

Mesa, AZ 85205



    Housecall- Western (Allopathic/Conventional) Veterinary Medicine Fees


Wellness & Prevention, Sick or Injured, Nonemergency Health Concerns

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam for one pet per visit
  • Medical History Review 
  • Discussion of Western Medicine Recommendations and Treatment Plan  
  • Includes up to 1 Hour of Total In Person Doctor-Appointment Time 
  • TeLeVET Time Remote Support Services (one complimentary follow up included within 2 weeks of appointment date) 
    • Please note in person appointments do not include unlimited remote support with Dr. Brown via email/phone/text once the appointment has ended
  • Cost: $199
    • Additional fees apply for a la carte services
  • Important: This is a Western Medicine Appointment Only. Acupuncture is not included. Please review Integrative and TCVM appointment options for Acupuncture & Chinese Veterinary Medicine Services


Additional Fees Apply

  • Vaccines & Titers
  • Bloodwork/Labwork
  • Subcutaneous Fluid Administration
  • Nail trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Medications/Supplements

*Fees for the above services variable & are available upon request for active patients only


  • Available within 2 to 4 weeks of initial appointment for same condition monitoring
  • Starts at $150 for 30 minute recheck. Additional time billed same as above. 


  • Starts at $88 and up based on location & availability (tech exam/travel)  for active patients only
  • Additional fees apply for tech services (subcutaneous fluid administration, nail trim, anal gland expression, lab sample collection, monthly injection, etc.) 


 Multipet Discount Western/Allopathic Housecall

  • $150 per additional pet on same day in same household (includes up to 40 min additional total doctor/appointment time) 

 Extended Appointment Time In Home 

  • billed at $50 per 15 min increments after initial one hour appointment time 

Remote Time Outside of Patient Home 

  • $22 per call (authorizing prescriptions and refills to outside third party pharmacies, contacting specialists at owner request, creating custom documents at owner request-variable pending time required, etc). Note: this is not the same as TeleVET Time. 

TeLeVET Time Remote Support Services

  • Remote access for patient & owner support with Dr. Brown outside of in person appointments

Additional/Extended Travel Fees

  • May apply based on individual location and travel time
  • Base housecall travel fee covers up to 15 miles from hub (85205 zip code)
  • Travel Area

Same Day-Urgent Care

  • Starts at $88 and up based on location and availability

After Hours

  • Starts at $222 and up based on location and availability

Lab/Medication Pick up/Drop Off 

  • Starts at $44 and up based on location and availability

Delivery/Shipping of Private Cremations

  • Complimentary delivery if location allows
  • Starts at $44 and up based on location and availability 

**Note: prices subject to change without notice