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Brown Veterinary Housecalls

Mesa, AZ 85205


Doctor and Cat with heart televet iconStay in touch with Dr. B!

Post Appointment Communication & Continued Support Outside of In-Person Appointments 

TeLeVET Fees & Restrictions apply*

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For Active Patients Only

If you are an active client with an active patient of Dr. Brown, please submit the online request form


Dog with phoneFor active patients only

paw icon  An active VCPR is required ie. in person exam with Dr. Brown within 12 months to be eligible for remote support


Response Options

paw icon Dr. Brown will always respond via email during regular business hours unless a phone call or text is necessary or specifically requested


Response Hours

paw icon During regular business hours only unless on a prepaid concierge plan that includes extended hour availability (restrictions apply)

paw icon Regular business hours: Tues-Fri 11AM to 5PM. Closed Sat, Sun, Mon & Holidays


After Hours

paw icon After hours responses are not offered or guaranteed unless on a prepaid concierge plan with extended hour availability (restrictions apply)

paw icon If applicable, additional after hours fees apply if a received after hour request is responded to pending doctor availability only at doctor discretion 


Response Time

paw icon Response times vary due to the nature of this practice & doctor availability 

paw icon Please note this is not an EMERGENCY or emergency response service

Cat and Dog with ComputerPrepayment 

paw icon Zelle 

paw icon Venmo

paw icon Paypal Direct 


Fee Structure

paw icon Starts at $44/15min per request during regular business hours

paw icon Excludes initial complimentary appointment follow up via PATIENT UPDATE & PROGRESS FORM

paw icon TeLeVET Communication Fees apply to all forms of requested direct communication with Dr. Brown (email, phone, text) and will be automatically billed. Prepayment is preferred & required for text/after hour responses if applicable



paw icon After hours fees start at an additional $125/10 min per request and will be applied to requests submitted & responded to outside of regular business hours pending doctor availability. Prepayment required



paw icon For advanced communication needs with text and/or extended hours see CONCIERGE COMMUNICATION PACKAGE subscription option. Custom packages considered on a case by case basis

Sleeping CatSUPPORT

paw icon Receive continued guidance directly from Dr. Brown in between Housecall or Soul Puppy appointments 

paw icon Correspond with Dr. Brown when an in-person appointment is not available or feasible

paw icon Receive Medical & Emotional support for acute, chronic & terminal illnesses 

paw icon Ask questions, get advice & clarifications



paw icon Monitor chronic conditions & update treatment plans

paw icon Monitor response to Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and/or Western/Allopathic medications

paw icon Hospice patient updates and treatment plan monitoring



paw icon Discuss recommended treatment plans & options in more detail (i.e. TCVM, Specialist referral, Surgery/Imaging/Lab Recommendations, Herbs/Meds, etc.) 



paw icon How to proceed



paw icon Diet evaluations 

paw icon Diet recommendations 

paw icon Balance & Supplementing



paw icon Review of medical records & diagnostic tests from specialist/rDVM 



paw icon New products or treatment options 

paw icon Holistic supplements

paw icon Holistic Therapies 

paw icon Diets or Treats



paw icon Hospice treatment options

paw icon Medical & Emotional Support

paw icon Deciding when to say goodbye

paw icon Grief Counseling Recommendations

paw icon & more

* A valid Veterinarian Patient Client Relationship (VPCR) is required to utilize this service. Fees subject to change without notice.