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gray dog and cat iconIn order to provide the best patient care possible, Dr. Brown will no longer be authorizing prescriptions to or from third party pharmacies,  online or local, and is exclusively working with her trusted partner, MYVETSTOREONLINE by Midwest Veterinary Supply* 

medicine icon If the use of an outside third party pharmacy is preferred, Dr. Brown will provide a  COMPLIMENTARY WRITTEN PRESCRIPTION for clients to take directly to preferred local pharmacies or mail directly to chosen online pharmacies

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grey computer icon Please submit the REQUIRED form and fee in link below only if a complimentary written prescription is declined and you wish for Dr. Brown or remote support staff to phone in your pets prescription directly to an outside third party pharmacy.  Please note not all outside third party pharmacies will accept verbal Rx information nor is this option recommended

phone icon There is a $22 fee per call to account for the cost of doctor and remote support pharmacy communication time

 If your pet is under the care of a specialist or full service brick and mortar clinic for services not provided by Dr. Brown and has been prescribed medication by doctors at said facilities, all refill requests for medications not prescribed by Dr. Brown must be directed back to the prescribing doctor. 

If the patient will no longer be seeking care at said facilities, a current/updated exam by Dr. Brown is required and/or a TeLeVET Time Consult, to evaluate records/diagnostics/labwork from other facilities and determined on a case by case basis (exam/consult/TeLeVET fees apply).

Please note some medications prescribed by specialists or other doctors may not be available by Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown reserves the right to prescribe medication at her discretion. Certain medications may only be obtained via continued care from the specialist or brick and mortar full service clinics


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* A valid Veterinarian Patient Client Relationship (VPCR) is required for all prescription medication. Dr. Brown is unable to act as a pharmacy for others. Please contact the prescribing doctor for all refills of medications not directly prescribed by Dr. Brown 

**If your pet is under the care of multiple doctors and/or specialists, please contact the prescribing doctor directly for all refill requests of medication(s) not directly prescribed by Dr. Brown

***Dr. Browns store is preferred over other online retailers as it allows Dr. Brown to streamline prescription requests, track all medications a pet is taking and ensure only safe and effective medications and products are delivered to her patients

Note: the above fee is waived if the prescription medication is not available in MYVETSTOREONLINE such as select controlled or closely monitored medications or if a medication needs to be compounded at a compounding pharmacy if a FDA approved drug is not available in the proper size due to patient weight