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paw bullet point Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, Apache Junction & Gold Canyon (scroll below for extended service areas)



paw bullet point Covers travel within 15 miles from hub (Mesa 85205) 



paw bullet point Additional travel fees apply based on location & travel time to areas of the above cites that are greater than 15 miles from hub (Mesa 85205)



paw bullet point Extended travel fees apply to the following cities: Cave Creek, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Rio Verde, Ahwatukee Note: TCVM only services available for dogs, cats and horses in these areas based on doctor approval and availability Thank you



paw bullet point If your city is not listed, please consider a TCVM appointment with Dr. Brown for your dog or cat in historic downtown Mesa at SOUL PUPPY HOLISITC HEALING!


paw bullet point All NEW CLIENT appointment requests are conveniently processed directly on this site via ONLINE FORMS by completing the first two steps for review. Approved requests will be sent instructions on how to proceed with deposit and scheduling. 


paw bullet point ACTIVE CLIENTS

paw bullet point May text 480- 648-4401 (for active patient scheduling only)


paw bullet point Email: scheduling@brownvetservices.com



paw bullet point Scheduling a mobile and specialty practice by appointment only is very different from scheduling a brick and mortar clinic at a fixed location

paw bullet point Available appointment slots are given priority to active client-patients and preapproved requests from the new client-patient waitlist protocol based on location and availability

paw bullet point Many factors determine appointment availability such as location of request, what locations are currently on the schedule, new client patient waitlist, etc.

paw bullet point Please note the answer to this question can change quite frequently therefore it is simply not possible to answer as a general inquiry as the answer will change almost immediately due to the logistics of scheduling a mobile practice


paw bullet point Great attention to detail goes into the dynamic scheduling process of a mobile practice that sees patients in different cities around the valley. Dr. Brown receives dozens of general inquiries regarding appointments every day, along with officially submitted new client forms. She is limited in the number of patients she can see daily due to travel and therefore can only hold available appointment slots for active clients and preapproved new client requests from the waitlist due to scheduling/travel logistics, safety purposes, etc.


paw bullet point For safety purposes, all submitted new client form requests are immediately wait listed until medical records are received for review. Approved requests (notified via email) are again waitlisted until appointment deposits are received.

paw bullet point The speed at which available appointment dates are offered to new client requests is dependent on the speed at which required materials are submitted and emails responded to

paw bullet point The waitlist functions not in the order of material received but in order of the first to complete the process (new client form, medical records, deposit for approved requests only, appointment day/time options/confirmation)

paw bullet point Note: failure to respond to emails regarding submitted requests will deactivate request. Please respond to emails for best service


paw bullet point For example, Spot, Scooter, Trinket, Sweets, Lucky and Skippy all request housecalls and live in different cities.

paw bullet point Spot and Scooter both submit new client forms (step one) on the same day.

paw bullet point Trinket submits both the new client form (step one) and medical records (step two) several days after Spot & Scooter.

paw bullet point Spot responded to our email but has not submitted records (step two) so he stays on the wait list at step two.

paw bullet point Scooter has not responded or submitted records (step two) so he stays on the wait list at step two as well.

paw bullet point Dr. Brown reviews the information for Trinket and approves her request. Trinkets owner responds to email, sends the required appointment deposit (step three) and receives first available appointment days/times for her area. Appointment day/time is confirmed (step four) and Trinket is officially on the schedule. Trinkets owner completed all the steps the same day, comments on how easy the process was and is excited for her upcoming appointment.

paw bullet point Even though Spot and Scooter submitted forms first, Trinket followed through with the process and therefore has an appointment while the others are still on the wait list at the step they stopped at.

paw bullet point Sweets who is not a patient and has not submitted any new client information wants to know when Dr. Browns first available appointment is. He also forgot to mention what city he is in! We can not give Sweets any information at this point as the new client form, medical records, proof of rabies, etc. must be submitted for review first for safety purposes and logistics. It would be redundant to tell Sweets when our first available appointment is because proper paperwork has not been submitted and may never be submitted. Sweets eventually submits information but it turns out Sweets has a history of aggression. Dr. Brown has a well stated/documented nonnegotiable no aggressive pet policy so Sweets request is denied as Dr. Brown can not jeopardize the safety or livelihood of herself or staff. Sweets owner is given local referrals that may better suite his needs.

paw bullet point Lucky's paperwork submitted three weeks ago has been approved but her owner has not yet sent the appointment deposit (step three) so Lucky stays on the wait list at step three.

paw bullet point Skippy is an active client-patient and gets the first available appointment for her area immediately.


paw bullet point Due to the nature of this practice and the logistics of scheduling appointments in different cities around the valley, only a limited number of patients can be seen daily by Dr. Brown

paw bullet point Dozens of general inquiries for appointments are received daily. Great attention to detail goes into scheduling a mobile practice. In order to provide the best patient care possible, open appointment slots can only be offered by following Dr. Browns protocol

paw bullet point Deposits are required for preapproved new client requests that have submitted both the online new client form and medical records before available dates and times can be disclosed and confirmed.

paw bullet point Active clients are not required to make deposits however excessive cancellations may result in deposits being required prior to scheduling


paw bullet point A minimum appointment deposit of $50 per pet pending appointment type is required prior to scheduling for preapproved requests only which will be deducted from invoice total

paw bullet point A $100 deposit is required for Integrative Housecall requests as two appointment slots are held in the schedule for this appointment type

paw bullet point If applicable, any urgent care, after hours or extended travel fees are to be included with deposits as well


paw bullet point Deposits for preapproved appointment requests will be emailed instructions on how to pay deposits. 

paw bullet point Zelle 

paw bullet point Venmo

paw bullet point Paypal 


paw bullet point Cancellation Policies are as follows as it is difficult to fill last minute cancellation slots due to logistics and the nature of scheduling a mobile & specialty practice. Please give more than 48 hours notice to avoid cancellation fees

paw bullet point 48 hour notice $25 cancellation fee

paw bullet point 24 hour notice $50 cancellation fee

paw bullet point $100 same day cancellation fee if 12 hour notice or less (prepaid acupuncture packages automatically forfeit a treatment visit)

paw bullet point $200 and up (based on location) no show/not home fee including forfeit of any prepaid urgent care/after hours or extended travel fees (prepaid acupuncture packages automatically forfeit a treatment visit)


paw bullet point Cancellation fees can be paid in the following way

paw bullet point Zelle 

paw bullet point Venmo 

paw bullet point Paypal direct 

paw bullet point Paypal invoice via email by request or if payment not received above


Ambulance Icon

paw bullet point Due to the nature of this practice, Dr. Brown is not able to offer emergency services

paw bullet point Click here for local EMERGENCY information


paw bullet point Patients are seen by scheduled appointment during regular business hours based on location and availability

paw bullet point Business Hours: Tues-Fri 11AM to 5 PM

paw bullet point Appointment Hours: vary based on location/availability

paw bullet point Closed: Sat, Sun, Mon and Holidays


paw bullet point Dr. Brown makes every attempt to triage patients as needed. Same day appointment requests are subject to availability and may include an URGENT CARE FEE starting at $88 and up based on location and appointment needs, in addition to regular appointment fees


paw bullet point After hour appointments are considered on a case by case basis pending doctor availability and includes after hour fees at doctors discretion starting at $222 and up in addition to regular appointment fees


paw bullet point No, for safety purposes Dr. Brown does not offer services to aggressive pets, pets with a history of aggression or pets in need of sedation for exams under any circumstances


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paw bullet point No, in order to maintain healthy boundaries and work/life balance please do not text or social media message Dr. Brown

paw bullet point Learn more at NOTONEMOREVET

paw bullet point TeLeVET Time may be requested for remote access to Dr. Browns time and expertise outside of in person appointments.


paw bullet point Dr. Browns practice is a local, veterinarian owned operated small business private practice established in 2010

paw bullet point Nonveterinary owned corporate practices have secured millions of dollars to infringe on our intimate little niche which sadly can directly affect small business in many ways

paw bullet point Thank you for supporting Dr. Brown and her small business


paw bullet point As much as Dr. Brown cares about her patients it is not possible for her to allow unlimited access to her time and expertise outside of in person appointments

paw bullet point Appropriate boundaries & compensation for her time outside of in person appointments such as remote patient care along with correspondence & support given to pet owners helps to avoid burn out and compassion fatigue.

paw bullet point Learn more at NOTONEMOREVET


paw bullet point Dr. Brown is directly supported as a local small business vendor when her online pharmacy, shop and links are used vs undisclosed online corporate money makers




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