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Telemedicine Request Form

Brown Veterinary Housecall Services understands a housecall may not always be an option due to Covid-19, busy schedules, and the logistics of scheduling housecalls based on location and availability. Dr. Brown is now offering different levels of telemedicine to continue the same high level of service patients are accustom to. 

This service is available for active patients only via email for new or chronic conditions 

Response Time: 

As Dr. Brown is typically with a patient or traveling for a housecall, she will respond to telemedicine requests within 1 to 3 business days. An urgent 24 h response upgrade is available below. 

Telemedicine Consult Options: 

  • New condition: $155 

  • Chronic condition(s): questions/concerns/monitoring 
    • One question/concern $55
    • Up to three questions/concerns $82
    • Over three questions/concerns $125

  • Add on urgent option: 24 h response additional $75 weekday, $100 weekend (Sat/Sun) 

Telemedicine Request Form 

Please request an appointment or go to the nearest full service or emergency clinic should your pets condition deteriorate. 

Note: Telemedicine requests must be prepaid via Zelle or Paypal to receive a response. 

*Fees based on estimated doctor time. Prices subject to change without notice