Brown Veterinary Housecalls / Euthanasia

Brown Veterinary Housecalls

Mesa, AZ 85205



In Home Gentle Euthanasia and Cremation Services* 

  • Peaceful, stress free, end of life services for your geriatric/terminally ill dog or cat in the comfort of their own home or yard 
  • Communal and Private Cremation Options 
    • Private cremations come in Cedar box with lock/key and heart shaped name tag
    • Urns available upon request from PALS
  • Sedation and Paw prints available upon request 
  • Pet Grief Support 

May you find comfort in your loving memories

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*Dr. Brown is currently offering this service for active patients only. New client euthanasia requests considered on case by case basis. 

Note: Dr. Brown does not perform and reserves the right to refuse convenience euthanasia. Regular fees for exam/travel apply.