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In Home Gentle Euthanasia and Cremation Services Rainbow Pet Icon

heart Peaceful, Stress Free, End of Life Services 

In the comfort of your pets own home or yard surrounded by loved ones

paw print  Available for geriatric/terminally ill dogs and cats 

heart Communal and Private Cremation Options 

Communal Cremations

paw print No return of ashes 

Private Cremations

paw print Return of ashes that rest in a cedar box with lock & key and heart shaped name tag

paw print Custom urns available upon request from PALS

heart Sedation and Paw Prints

Available upon request 

paw print Sedation is recommended for all pets for peaceful transition

paw print Clay pawprints available from PALS

heart In Home Euthanasia (IHE) & Cremation Service Fees

paw print Click for Fees

heart End of Life Scheduling

 Dr. Brown understands making end of life decisions can pull on our heart strings. She offers a wide array of services to help

paw print Quality of Life/Second Opinion Housecalls available

paw print Hospice/Palliative Care Housecalls available

paw print TeLeVET Time Remote Support & Communication Services available (active patients only)

paw print TeLeVET-Quality of Life Consult-coming soon

paw print TeLeVET-Hospice Consult-coming soon

In Home Euthanasia patient requests are seen by scheduled appointment as the last appointment of the day.

New Client IHEAppointments

paw print Please note this is not an emergency, same day or urgent care service as this is a single doctor, independent housecall practice operated solely by Dr. Brown. Thank you

heart May you find comfort in your loving memories

heart Pet Grief Support 

Helpful third party links

paw print Clarity Holistic Health 

paw print Mustang Mindset

paw print PALS

heart End of Life Policies 

Dr. Brown is grateful to be considered to participate in your pets healing journey & peaceful transition. Please note the following practice policies

paw print Dr. Brown does not offer behavior euthanasia.

paw print Dr. Brown does not offer and reserves the right to refuse convenience euthanasia

paw print It is illegal to euthanize a pet with a bite history prior to the state mandated ten day rabies quarantine

paw print Dr. Brown has a zero tolerance aggressive pet policy for safety purposes and reserves the right to refuse service at her discretion. Regular fees for exam/consult/travel apply

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