In Home Gentle Euthanasia and Cremation Fees

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Housecall Logo In Home Gentle Euthanasia and Cremation Fees 

Cat Euthanasia with Cremation  


 Standard Cremation-no return of ashes 



 Private cremation-return of ashes

 Cedar box with heart shaped name tag


 Dog Euthanasia with Cremation


 Standard Cremation-no return of ashes



 Private Cremation-return of ashes

 Cedar box with heart shaped name tag


 $671 (Xtra Large Dogs over 90lbs)

 Please note some Xtra large dogs require same day pick up directly from Pals at owner home due to size for an additional $90

  Adjunct Services



 Available upon request

 Dr. Brown recommends sedation prior to euthanasia for peaceful transitions 

Clay Paw Print


 Available upon request via Pals 

Custom Urns

 Available upon request via Pals


 After hours/urgent care/extended travel fees- variable based on location/travel time if applicable 

Shipping of private cremations

 Directly from PALS $44

Personalized delivery for private cremations & paw prints

 Complimentary delivery if location allows

 Complimentary pick up at Soul Puppy during staff hours

 Travel/delivery fee starts at $44-variable based on location/travel time

May you find comfort in your loving memories

pink cat

*Prices subject to change without notice