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Urinalysis and Culture

Indications for a urinalysis and culture include but are not limited to

  • inappropriate urination
  • suspect urinary tract infection
  • straining
  • blood seen in urine
  • pets with increased water consumption and increased urination
  • pets known to have diseases that predispose to urinary tract infections such as diabetes and Cushings
  • used to monitor kidney function along with appropriate blood screening tests
  • also used to monitor patients with a history of urinary crystals or stones
  • recommended as part of  yearly adult and senior screening

  • Sterile sample (obtained by cystocentesis) is sent to Idexx laboratories
  • Urinalysis results availabe the next day, cultue takes several days for growth (if any )

  • What is the difference between a urinalysis and a culture?
  • How important is the urine culture?
  • What is a cystocentesis?
  • Why is it recommended that the urine sample be sterile?

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