Brown Veterinary Housecalls

Mesa, AZ 85205


 Housecall Services-Western Veterinary Medicine for Dogs and Cats -click here for Fees

Comprehensive Physical Exams 

  • Allergies, Arthritis, Ear infections, GI disease, and more

Wellness Exams and Preventive Medicine 

  • Routine wellness and prevention 


  • Please request vaccines prior to appointment as Dr. Brown only travels with vaccines as needed 
  • Vaccine protocol recommendations individualized to each patient on a case by case basis
  • Please inform Dr. Brown of any previous vaccine reaction history.  Pretreatment with Benadryl required and vaccine separation recommended for any history of previous vaccine reaction
  • FAQ: Dr. Brown is not able to discuss vaccine protocols for a pet without an active client patient relationship
  • FAQ: Vaccine titers are not available for puppies before or during their puppy vaccine series
  • FAQ: Rabies is mandated by law for dogs in the state of Arizona every 3 years after initial 1 year vaccine
  • FAQ: License renewal: Maricopa County   Pinal County   

Sick/Injured (no emergencies)

  • Valley fever, limping/lameness, vomiting/diarrhea, cancer, hospice and more

Lab Services 

  • Adult and Senior bloodwork
  • NSAID monitoring
  • Valley Fever testing
  • Heartworm Tests
  • Vaccine Titers 
  • Feline Viral Testing
  • Fecal
  • & More
  • Note: Lab profiles are customized to each individual patient based on physical exam and history. It is not possible for Dr. Brown to give bloodwork estimates without an active client patient relationship. 

Trusted, Small Business, Online Pharmacy with convenient home delivery 

  • Medications, Joint Support, Anxiety Support, Shampoo/Conditioner, Select Diets, and More via Jatrx by Midwest Veterinary Supply 
  • Chinese Herbs via Jing Tang Herbal with convenient home delivery
  • Whole Food Supplements via Standard Process with convenient home delivery 

Quality of Life/Hospice

In Home Euthanasia and Cremation 

Radiographs available at select local clinics based on availability on a case by case basis 

  • Surgery and Dentistry referred to local full service clinics 

Emergencies please go to the nearest Veterinary Emergency Clinic in your area (this is not an emergency service)  If your pet is deceased please contact PALS

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